Re: [gardeners] Seed Starting Box

Virginia Prinns (
Thu, 07 Jan 1999 20:25:54 -0800

In Dawson (Yukon) -very far NORTH - for the non-Canadians, the following 
is the norm.   1 foot NEW -VIP- repeat NEW NOT COMPOSTED OLD Manure, then 
 more inches of soil/sand than the roots need - (about a foot or 18 
inches or so).  A plstic/glass lid, sloping to brush off the snow -vbg - 
and there you are.  Put a thermometer on top of soil so you know when to 
open/close the box.

Someone wanted to know about bellacanda (candy lilies) Just start them 
inside under lights like any other seed.
Siberian iris.  I tie them in a panty hose and put in the loo tank for a 
week or so (changes of water get rid of germination inhibitors), then 
plant under lights. If toilet tank use upsets you, soak and change 
waterdaily for a week or so.   If no germination in 4 weeks or so, put 
pot into fridge(NOT FREEZER) for a couple of weeks, then out into warmtha 
again. Just keep doing this till they germinate.

Of course, if you are in a snow zone, just put them in a pot in the snow. 
 Then bury pot in soil when spring thaw arrives.  that is the easy way to 
do it.

Happy new year to all.

Ginny in Prince George where my sibes are under 6 ft or so of shovelled 
snow. wrote:
> At 08:43 AM 04-01-99 -0700, you wrote:
> >At 10:36 AM 1/4/99 -0500, you wrote:
> >>Around here the Mennonite farmers use bottom heat -- a layer of manure.  It
> >>need not touch the planting soil.  It heats up pretty effectively and
> >>accomplishes early sprouting from a different angle.  Lucinda, Canada
> >>
> >Lucinda, I think this is called a hotframe or something opposite of
> >coldframe.  Do you have any idea how deep the manure layer is and how long
> >it stays hot?  I'm hoping you know someone to ask, not measure the depth
> >yourself.  Margaret
> This make take awhile to find out, Margaret.  I haven't the foggiest idea
> if there is any specific ratio between poop and dirt.  All I can say now is
> most of the boxes I've seen are for cabbage and are slapped together from
> old lumber, average size about 8 inches deep, 2-4 feet long and one or 2
> rows wide.  Sometimes they are set on a pile of manure which looks to be
> about 6 inches thick but it's underneath the box, not on the bottom inside.
>  All this is on a plaform of some sort or at least raised up (warms up
> faster) off the ground.
> Kay must know a lot about poop.  How much does it take for a hotframe?
> Lucinda
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> >
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