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>In Dawson (Yukon) -very far NORTH - for the non-Canadians, the following 
>is the norm.   1 foot NEW -VIP- repeat NEW NOT COMPOSTED OLD Manure, then 
> more inches of soil/sand than the roots need - (about a foot or 18 
>inches or so).  A plstic/glass lid, sloping to brush off the snow -vbg - 
>and there you are.  Put a thermometer on top of soil so you know when to 
>open/close the box.
>Someone wanted to know about bellacanda (candy lilies) Just start them 
>inside under lights like any other seed.
>Siberian iris.  I tie them in a panty hose and put in the loo tank for a 
>week or so (changes of water get rid of germination inhibitors), then 
>plant under lights. If toilet tank use upsets you, soak and change 
>waterdaily for a week or so.   If no germination in 4 weeks or so, put 
>pot into fridge(NOT FREEZER) for a couple of weeks, then out into warmtha 
>again. Just keep doing this till they germinate.

Ginny, what a wonderfully effecient way to change water.  

>Of course, if you are in a snow zone, just put them in a pot in the snow. 
> Then bury pot in soil when spring thaw arrives.  that is the easy way to 
>do it.

Will this work for tulips and daffodils?  I have a bucket of unplanted ones
in the basement.  Winter came very unexpectedly.....


>Happy new year to all.
>Ginny in Prince George where my sibes are under 6 ft or so of shovelled 
> wrote:
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>> >At 10:36 AM 1/4/99 -0500, you wrote:
>> >>Around here the Mennonite farmers use bottom heat -- a layer of
manure.  It
>> >>need not touch the planting soil.  It heats up pretty effectively and
>> >>accomplishes early sprouting from a different angle.  Lucinda, Canada
>> >>
>> >Lucinda, I think this is called a hotframe or something opposite of
>> >coldframe.  Do you have any idea how deep the manure layer is and how long
>> >it stays hot?  I'm hoping you know someone to ask, not measure the depth
>> >yourself.  Margaret
>> This make take awhile to find out, Margaret.  I haven't the foggiest idea
>> if there is any specific ratio between poop and dirt.  All I can say now is
>> most of the boxes I've seen are for cabbage and are slapped together from
>> old lumber, average size about 8 inches deep, 2-4 feet long and one or 2
>> rows wide.  Sometimes they are set on a pile of manure which looks to be
>> about 6 inches thick but it's underneath the box, not on the bottom inside.
>>  All this is on a plaform of some sort or at least raised up (warms up
>> faster) off the ground.
>> Kay must know a lot about poop.  How much does it take for a hotframe?
>> Lucinda
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