[gardeners] Re: compost

Marianne Darke (gardeners@globalgarden.com)
Fri, 8 Jan 1999 09:50:36 -0700

Thank you for the suggestions! I am very excited about my bin.
I believe I can obtain chicken manure from a friend. Due to the frosts of
late; my lawn & other clippings sources are dormant or dead. I hope
everyone is staying warm.
Thank you again,
Marianne Darke
Lurking in the SF Bay Area

At 6:21 PM -0600 1/7/99, you wrote:

>Fresh animal manure can be used, particularly chicken. Grass clippings, high
>nitrogen commercial fertilizer, anything that is green or high in nitrogen.
>Fish carcasses are good. Look around and see what's available that is high in
>nitrogen, sounds like you got the carbon portion already.
>Marianne Darke wrote:
>> Hello!
>> I have a compost question.  This is my first attempt at composting - I just
>> completed a bin (3'width x 5'length x 3'height). I have plenty of brown
>> material, but what can I add this time of year that would be considered
>> green?  We do eat a lot of vegetables - but the ratio seems too small!
>> Is there something other than actual 'green material' that I can substitute
>> in the winter? Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.
>> Marianne Darke
>> SF Bay Area - zone 9 currently 50, windy & cloudy