Re: [gardeners] In the garden?

margaret lauterbach (
Fri, 08 Jan 1999 06:53:03 -0700

At 04:52 PM 1/7/99 -0500, you wrote:
>>Our ground is frozen, daytime temps around 40, but low 20s at night.
>>Pretty much the usual winter weather.  I've got to get some chile and
>>cauliflower seeds started, though.  Margaret 
>Is that all the colder it is where you are?  I thought the midwest was
>pretty well frozen.

I'm not in the Midwest, Lucinda.  Boise is north of Las Vegas, and
Lewiston, IDaho, directly north of Boise, is a Pacific seaport, thanks to
locks and dams on the Columbia river.
>Let us all know how Windows 98 turns out.  I  don't think I'm reday for it.
>We keep getting squalls, 5-10 cm here and there.  It's keeping everything
>pretty and white.  We should have another big one this weekend (maybe) so
>it should be interesting.  Average temp -9 celsius, with wind chill -30-35.
> Despite bad weather the roofers are coming tomorrow to reshingle our
>garage.  This is what Mennonite farmboys do in the winter.
>The front lawn is a snowfort, and the back is now about 24 inches deep with
>drifts.  At least all the summertime disasters from the drought and heat
>are covered up.  I shudder to think what I have lost.  Next phase is
>groundcover, I think.  The job has gotten so hectic I won't have much time
>to garden and think I'll spend that little bit I do have moving my good
>bulbs to the farm.  Godwilling I can retire soon.
I hope you can retire when you want to retire.  Ask the Mennonite boys how
deep the manure is in the hotframes.  People in this area dig a pit, fill
it with about two feet of fresh manure, top it with dirt then with a glass
and wood cold frame.  Margaret, who's delighted to see your name among the
posters again.