Re: [gardeners] Re: composting

George Shirley (
Wed, 13 Jan 1999 07:14:57 -0600

I really don't know Penny. We live in town but there are raccoons, opossums,
and, of course, the ever present stray cats around. We got the dog in July
1996 but have never had varmints dig in our compost, ants yes, varmints no.
Fish innards and heads are pot-holed with a little lime and that may deter
the varmints. Eggshells just go in the compost bucket and are buried in the
compost pile on a daily basis. Reckon it may just stay warm enough to
decompose them fast or else there's a reason I'm missing somehow. Anyway, we
don't have a varmint problem with the compost and never have had in the 30
plus years we've composted.


penny x stamm wrote:

> George, how come the varmints don't go after fish bones
> and egg shells in the compost..???
> Penny, NY
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