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William McKay (
Wed, 13 Jan 1999 06:21:29 PST

>At 08:05 PM 1/12/99 -0500, you wrote:
>>Does anyone have suggestions for finding European seed catalogs?
>>I have the few in Barton's book, Cyndi's list and two more.  A variety 
>>web searches have not turned up any luck either.
Try  They have an enormous list of seed 
companies listed by country (look in the white pages section).  Some of 
these companies have web sites;  most of them have email addresses.  For 
what it is worth, my experience in trying to buy direct is that the cost 
of shipment makes it prohibitive.  If you are interested in Italian 
seeds, Lake Valley Seeds in Boulder Colorado imports from Pagano, an 
Italian company near Naples.  Cost is $2.50 per pack, but the packs are 
pretty large (for example for their chard, you get 25 grams, almost an 
ounce.)  Lo Speciale in Louisville also imports from a different Italian 
company;  similar prices & sized packets.  

B Mckay in E. Massachusetts

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