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Jane Burdekin (
Thu, 14 Jan 1999 05:34:11 -0700

Bonnie wrote a good post on the subject.  We have encountered giardia while
camping in the mountains, specifically Sand Dunes National Monument.  The
problem there is the wide shallow (less than an inch deep in many places)
river that flows thru between the dunes and the camp ground.  Giardia, as I
understand it, contaminates streams when animals pee in the stream and
someone else manages to get the water in there mouth.  This usually happens
at the sand dunes because the river is wonderful to play in, kids, buckets,
sand castles, sun, fun etc and of course you would be eating or drinking or
wiping your mouth while you play in the sand.  It takes a week or so, I
think, before you feel the simptoms of stomach cramping and severe diahrea.
 In order to comfirm its presence a stool sample must be tested with a half
hour and then the doctor will perscribe a medication.  This all happened to
a friend's daughter and they had a terrible time trying to figure out what
was wrong.  It is fairly common here, I don't know how you would prevent
your dogs from drinking outside water if they go outside but I am sure that
Bonnie's links will give you an answer.  Sorry about the sick dogs, that is
a real pain.  

(off to give the cat a pill for her cough)

> Hi Rosemary - Sorry to hear about your dogs.  I have no idea how to
prevent it, but would like to know what giardia is/does to animals/people?
> Penny in fridgid Nova Scotia - -20C and with the windchill its -40C -
coldest yet this winter
> >>> Rosemary Carlson <> 01/13 8:27 PM >>>
> Hi everyone: As some of you know, I've just moved from the city into the
> woods. Love it here BUT, within a week or so, all 3 of my dogs were sick.
> After trying to treat them myself, I took them to their vet - and they
> diagnosed with giardia. Apparently, contracting giardia is common with
> animals (and people!) in the woods - and is a special fear of hikers.
> They've all been treated and are now well - but, here's my question. How
> I keep them from contracting the same thing all over again?? The fact
> their backyard is forest floor isn't going to change! TIA!
> Rosemary in the foggy, rainy Eastern KY mountains