Re: [gardeners] Poor boy!

Barb Rothenberger (
Fri, 15 Jan 1999 06:50:46 -0600

Penny - doesn't that scare you with him doing all that shoveling?  I
worried so about Ray (66) shoveling all our drive way and walks etc. I even
went out and did some - it was HARD work and we only had 10 inches, but it
had snowed, then sleeted, then snowed again which made it heavier than
usual.  Now it is warmer (think in the 20's) and some of the snow is going
away leaving us with this yucky dirty look of the cinders.  I washed my car
a coupole of days agao and 10 minutes later it looked as thou I hand't done
a thing!

At 03:19 AM 1/15/99 -0500, you wrote:
>Lucinda, we also love the snow, would never give it up, but
>the current storms have us in the middle between warm and
>cold fronts, so all we get is sleet...  Jimmie shovels by hand,
>even with our 130 ft driveway, and he feels robbed. 
>More of something bad was expected starting at midnight. 
>Maybe the world will look white by morning....???  
>Oh, holy Toledo! There are terrible noises somewheres behind
>this house -- time out. 
>...I yelled for Jim, no answer. Opened the front door, and there
>lay a full blanket of pure white in front of me, no Jim. Back door,
>no Jim. Then I heard the crash upstairs in the attic, and in a flash I
>realized what was going on:  he was searching once more for his
>snow shovel with two wheels in back which we both could not
>find. No luck. Meanwhile I went down to the basement on a hunch,
>because suddenly I remembered that last year I had stuck something
>unusual inside the closet underneath the cellar stairs...   Turned out
>to be our old walking sprinklers which we did not need. So Jimmie
>went back downstairs to search once more, amongst the many
>garden hoses laid out on the floor for the winter, and all my daughter's
>living room furniture stowed down there, and guess what..? Up he came
>with a big grin on his face -- he had found it! I was so shocked that I 
>trotted back down to see -- and there it was, standing upright, only
>12 inches away from where I had just opened the closet door! We all
>must have passed right by it at least 52 times since last winter... 
>Thank Heavens, is all I can say. Jim will be 77-y-o next week.  
>Penny, in NY, zone 6 in summer only. 
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