Re: [gardeners] Poor boy!

Jill Fyffe (
Fri, 15 Jan 1999 09:32:16 -0500

Hi Penny

Glad you found your snow scoop!!  

We haven't had quite as much snow as Toronto, maybe only 35 
inches or so but with blowing . .it makes it interesting.  

My other half put his back out last Sunday getting the snowmobile 
back on the truck . .(there was a problem so they couldn't drive it 
on). . .so guess who has had the pleasure of moving all this snow:)))

   I couln't do it without the scoop.  The driveway sides are over my 
head so now I just pile it on the down side of the driveway and let the 
plow take it when it goes by.  This morning there was so much snow 
I couln't pile it all there .. . .so I had to take it across the road. . .now 
the plow going the other way can take it (no neighbour driveways  
across the road).  

It is still snowing so hopefully it knows enough to quit SOON.  My 
shoulder would definately say thank you!!

Peterborough, Ont
Zone 5 (in a good year)
Peterborough, ON, Canada