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Bill Loke (
Fri, 15 Jan 1999 12:18:59 -0500

We are snowbound today. It's still coming down and will leave with 30-35cm
(12-14inches) before it's finished. It's blowing and drifting but at least
the temperature have mellowed a bit. There is a 12 foot drift over by the
greenhouse. Oh well, looking at could-be in seed catalogs can take your mind
off it for a while. I'll have to crank up the snowblower tomorrow noway
today. Looks like I have seen the the thin edge of the wedge when my seed
potato supplier tells me that a certain variety (Newleaf) is no longer
available to home gardners. Some corporate decision on the part of the
developers. Seed saving and swapping is going to more important very soon. I
know I am going for more open pollinated varieties this year. The hybrids
have shot up in price/seed  too which makes the decision easier. (Bill & Chris Loke)[Z4/5 on a good day]
The Lokeation, RR#1, Kars, Ontario K0A 2E0
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>>Hi Penny in NY
>>That was with the windchill factor Penny.  It was -13C by the time I left
>work yesterday aft.  We're expecting 20 cm of snow, followed by freezing
>rain and then rain today.  Temps supposed to be 4C by this aft.  We have
>had a few snowfalls, couple of inches each time but within a day or 2 its
>all gone.  Noticed crocus and other minor bulbs up half an inch or so last
>night and some bulbs actually half out of the ground.  Will try and push
>them in this weekend as its supposed to warm up more.  Our winter so far
>has been very mild - hope it continues till spring.
>>Think Rochester is on the lake across from Toronto and not far from
>Buffalo.  We've been seeing reports on TV about the snow and weather in
>both Toronto and Buffalo.  Strange they haven't closed the schools.
>Almost everything was shut down in Toronto by mid-afternoon yesterday...and
>some swell parties going on in the downtown hotels and restaurants.  Many
>people just stayed in town since it was going to be very dangerous to try
>and get back to the suburbs.  Army + equipment was called in and tanks are
>rolling through the downtown.  West of TO the storm bypassed us, just, at
>the last minute.  This morning there was forecast no snow and guess what's
>happening.  Yesterday people started cancelling and shutting down, this
>morning everythings open and we are bound to have problems.  It has been
>very unpredictable and likely to remain so.
>Oh well, I located the candle supply; we stocked up on tinned goods and
>water and have all the heavy-duty winter clothing at hand in case we have
>to wear multiple layers indoors so we are set.  Only hitch is if they
>cancel the hockey game tomorrow morning.  Our kid's team is in the running
>for the play-offs.  This is a very important event.
>They're the first to be closed here.  In anticipation of today's weather
>forecast, many of the rural schools are closed.  They can get the kids to
>school safely, but not sure if they can get them home safely.
>>Have a good weekend.
>>Penny in Halifax, N.S.
>>>>> penny x stamm <> 01/15 2:48 AM >>>
>>Hi there, Penny -- Nova Scotia is worse off than we are, with
>>(-40*) -- for we only got down to (-22*) today. Practically no
>>visible precipitation, but there's ice underfoot everywhere.
>>My son in Rochester reports (-37*) and it hasn't stopped snowing
>>for 7 days. They closed all the malls but not their community
>>schools! In the whole suburb, only one restaurant remained open,
>>Appleby's, which managed to get mobbed in spite of the hazardous
>>driving. I don't know if that's a sign of cabin fever, or of
>>Hope your electric wires hold up...!
>>Penny in NY
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