[gardeners] Shovelling Snow was gardeners] Re:Poor boy!

Penny Nielsen (gardeners@globalgarden.com)
Fri, 15 Jan 1999 11:49:02 -0400

Right on Bonnie, but I understand that anyone with a heart condition is strongly discouraged from shovelling snow.  Our 76 or 77 year old neighbour is usually one of the first out shovelling after a storm, unless DH gets to it first.  He had a stroke a few years back and is not too steady on his feet and his snow blower is really too big for him to handle.  He's a small man.  He is active tho - gardening and walking.

Penny Nielsen
Halifax, Nova Scotia
Zone 5/6a

>>> bsk <bsk@brightok.net> 01/15 11:22 AM >>>
Shovelling snow or anything else is hard work at any age.
Most usually if a person is a physically active person that is doing the
shovelling there really shouldn't be to much to worry about.
 If a person doesn't do much outdoor work or is a office worker type this is
where the real danger comes in. Not only is there body out of practice doing
this type of labour they may have also forgotten the proper way to do the work
without killing them selves!
     Any way you go easy does it. Listen to your body and stop and rest when it
screams at you!. Don't keep going.