Re: [gardeners] Winter storm in Rochester

penny x stamm (
Fri, 15 Jan 1999 18:07:40 -0500

Penny in Halifax, my d-i-l says they don't close the schools
because each day closed now means an extra day open 
next June. Once in awhile they get the brainstorm to get
the kids to school, take attendance, and then send them 
right home. That entitles them to State Assistance for the
day, but the parents could tear their hair out! Don't know 
why it's even legal...? 

So far they've had 17 out of the last 18 days with snow, and
have gotten 42.9 inches of snow with another 30 inches
today! They just don't know where to scoop up the stuff and 
dump it! I said since they are only 10 minutes from the shores
Of Lake Ontario, why on earth not dump it all in there? Oh, no, 
came the answer -- there's a big public discussion, and they say 
it would raise the level of the lake too much, and disrupt ship
travel.  WHAT..?? 

Today, for the first time, they closed the local schools. My
grandson (in 9th grade) considers himself too old to build a
snow fort. Such a pity! Grandpa would LOVE to help him....
We drive the 350 miles up there every February for his
birthday, so with this crazy weather, perhaps Just For Grandpa,
it will snow again.. 

Cannot believe that your crocuses are pushing thru -- how on
earth do you push them back down..? Add soil on top..? 

Penny in New York

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