Re: [gardeners] Things Done and Things To Do

penny x stamm (
Tue, 19 Jan 1999 00:03:22 -0500

Harry, your day's work sounds like a dream I've had, while my
day's work seems more like a nightmare... 

We're in the middle of a monster rain storm (in January??) with
all kinds of thunder, lightning and high winds (in January??), 
which of course is right on the heels of last week's horrendous
snow and ice. Just getting milk and eggs requires an ambulance
standing by -- and the mailman is using chains on his truck for the 
first time I can remember in centuries..! 

I keep the peace by tending to the ever-so-many growing seedlings
under lights, which are very demanding. The big splash of color is a
tonic after all these grey skies..  the Little Dipper has been hiding
for uncounted weeks. 

Penny, NY   

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