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George Shirley (
Tue, 19 Jan 1999 10:40:02 -0600

1997 was my first experience at growing jicama. We live in USDA Zone 9b, SW
Louisiana, and the first frost killed the vines. I had not expected to harvest
anything but small roots as I read that it takes a long season and perhaps more
than one season to grow the larger roots. Evidently everything was just right last
year for the jicama.

I planted two chayote or, as the Cajuns call them, mirlitons, last year. One is
coming up so suppose I should plant another. The chayote is a perennial from what
I understand and should overwinter well in areas where the ground doesn't freeze
if you mulch them well. There's a lot of info to be found on the web about both,
just do a word search on either.

We grew mirlitons years ago and had not done much with them since. I am hopeful
they will do well in spite of the squash borers as they have a nice taste.

George wrote:

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> Tell me more of growing jicama???  I also am told chayote is a vine and easy
> to grow.  Do you have expierence to share on this?  I want to grow these
> heathly veggies!
> Mary-Anne
> Zone 14/15, but this year who knows it has been below 32 F over 75% the past 6
> weeks!!!!!!!