Re: [gardeners] Signs of Spring???

Jane Burdekin (
Tue, 19 Jan 1999 13:28:37 -0600

Hi Bill,
I have signs of spring.  I have hardy pansies blooming and a primrose!  The
primrose has been blooming for a week, I had no idea it would bloom in the
middle of winter and it's even in the sun right now since there are no
leaves on the tree above it right now.  Gotta wonder about that.  I also
have anemones up but not blooming, and some daffodils are poking their
heads up.  January is definately too early for this here in zone 5.  Has
anyone gotten a Richters catalog yet?  I haven't gotten mine, and I even
ordered from them for the past 2 years.


>Is it bad luck to have three male robins cross the road in front of you?
>They are at least 3-4 weeks early. Maybe all this melting that has been
>going on for two days and expected to continue until saturday has them
>confused. It's currently 6.5C or 42F and rising. Got to get those seed
>orders out. I was waiting to see if more catalogs would arrive but nada.
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