Re: [gardeners] Signs of Spring???

penny x stamm (
Wed, 20 Jan 1999 00:40:06 -0500

Gosh, George, I thought I heard baby robins outside in the
trees or upstairs in the attic over my bedroom. No matter where
I went to investigate, I could hear them!  Now the weather was 
about 18*, forgetting the wind-chill, but we do have our bedroom
windows open all night rain or shine, so the faint chirping could 
easily have been heard. Perhaps there were newborn skunks in
the garage? Or newborn racoons in the attic? 

It was such an intriguing thought that I chased from room to
room, listening, and then finally opened the back door and stepped
outside. That's when the chill wind made me shudder and I took a
deep breath -------  guess what...? The chirping birds - faint chirping
birds, were in my chest. 

They put me on antibiotic. 

Penny, NY  

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