Re: [gardeners] Winter storm

Penny Nielsen (
Wed, 20 Jan 1999 07:44:51 -0400

Hi Penny in NY

Good luck on the weather.  Hope you'll be able to pick up the kids at your local airport.  Is there a special reason for their arrival this weekend???

I did manage to push the crocus back into the soil but the tips of the rest (in that area anyway) are about half an inch above the soil.  I wonder whether I should add soil on top of them or just leave them be.  Neighbour said she was experiencing the same and questioned whether she too should dump some soil on them.

Re the cactus.  I did put them in a spare bedroom for about 6 or 8 weeks before Christmas so they only received daylight and no artificial light at night.  From what you said, that may not be necessary.  I've only 2 so might experiment next year and see what happens.

Penny Nielsen
Zone 5/6a

>>> penny x stamm <> 01/20/99 12:52AM >>>
Penny in N.S.: they spread sand with salt around here, which 
is the problem. After 46 years in this house, the floor of our
garage has been eaten away by the salty melt caught in the 
winter tires. 

We had a peek-a-boo sun today, thrills! -- but we are promised
4 days of rainfall now. If the winds stay down, then my kids will
be able to land at the tiny local airport on Saturday. If the winds
kick up, then we'll have to go fetch them either down at Philadelphia,
or up at New Haven. Dreadful thought...... 

No crocus would DARE to show its head around here! But I did see
the squirrels digging into my front lawn this morning....  pow! pow!
Nah, nothing scares them away unless I bark like a Doberman. 

BTW, I know several people who do not keep their Christmas
cactuses in the dark for weeks ahead of time, and yet they still
get full blooms once a year. One keeps hers indoors, away from 
all windows at all times; one keeps hers in a glassed-in window
box with light but no sun; and you put yours outdoors for the 
summer. Couldn't get much more variety of treatment than that! 
I wonder why we were always taught to cover them....??

Penny in NY

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