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> but I was disappointed when the US stayed English

It may be easier for a change in coming generations.  Most never learned
metric, unless forced.  It was taught in schools back in the 60's and 70's,
but not really pushed.  The generation before us had no clue about metric.  My
son (a growing scientist) prefers metric for everything.  It is now taught and
relied upon heavily.  I even see it coming home from my younger elementary age
children.  I know that I still prefer English, but only because it is what I
am used too.  If we changed to metric now at least I would have an idea of
what they are talking about.  

A favorite game of my children is to set the electronic odometer & speedometer
on the car and try to figure out the equal Kilometers and KPH.  We also do it
the other way around (new fangled car).  They love the thermometer that will
show either way too.  I strongly believe both measurements should be posted on
signs.  This way we could have the best of both and truly have children of the