Re: [gardeners] Manure and food safety

George Shirley (
Fri, 22 Jan 1999 07:52:34 -0600

Hear, hear. Since I have always been terrible with fractions I have always pushed
for metrification. <VBG> Have used it interchangeably with English standard since
I was about 17 when I went in the military and that's been a while, like 43 years.
My dad, born in 1911, used metric and English standards equally, probably because
he worked 40 years in an oil refinery. Drives my grandkids crazy when I use metric
measurements because they are not learning it in school in Texas where they live.

George wrote:

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> > but I was disappointed when the US stayed English
> It may be easier for a change in coming generations.  Most never learned
> metric, unless forced.  It was taught in schools back in the 60's and 70's,
> but not really pushed.  The generation before us had no clue about metric.  My
> son (a growing scientist) prefers metric for everything.  It is now taught and
> relied upon heavily.  I even see it coming home from my younger elementary age
> children.  I know that I still prefer English, but only because it is what I
> am used too.  If we changed to metric now at least I would have an idea of
> what they are talking about.
> A favorite game of my children is to set the electronic odometer & speedometer
> on the car and try to figure out the equal Kilometers and KPH.  We also do it
> the other way around (new fangled car).  They love the thermometer that will
> show either way too.  I strongly believe both measurements should be posted on
> signs.  This way we could have the best of both and truly have children of the
> world.