Re: [gardeners] soaker hose

penny x stamm (
Sun, 24 Jan 1999 01:49:27 -0500

Hi, Martha B, our house water pressure reads 60 lbs. That's
high enough to cause Old Faithfuls throughout the yard within
the black soaker hose! We had to go get the little white disks
to insert like washers, to cut down the pressure. 

And yes, even with the high pressure, tying an end tightly with wire 
will stop the flow of water successfully.  

We did find that mending a bad hose in the middle with one of the
conventional hose-mending connections seriously cut down on the
available water at the far end, because they fill part of the space
the hose, and obstruct the flow. You can test this by laying the hose 
down in your driveway (where you can see it), connecting one end, 
and watch the difference in the water pattern. 

Penny, NY

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