Re: [gardeners] Winter storm in Rochester (
Sun, 24 Jan 1999 21:47:36 +1300

This whole conversation about snow dumping has been a real eye 
opener. Thank you all for helping clear the fog!

Terry Dowdeswell
18 Henderson Ave
Tuakau, New Zealand
Average daily maximum  above 20degC for 5-6 months
Average monthly maximum above 25degC for 4 months
Average daily maximum always above14degC
Average daily minimum never below 7.8degC
1-10 ground frosts per year, almost no air frost
Rainfall mean july 135mils, Jan 70mils, annual 1185mils

> Terry,
> It is the roadsalt that they don't want to dump into Lake Ontario.  
> Drinking water/habitat/etc and all that.  In the east snowless roads are
> the rule.  Therefore a mixture of sand & salt are spread after ploughing.
> Cheers  Ginny in Prince George BC, where chains are oft heard