[gardeners] Monday in the Garden, a little bit

George Shirley (gardeners@globalgarden.com)
Mon, 25 Jan 1999 18:04:01 -0600

Took off for the VA clinic in Beaumont, TX this morning before dawn
cracked the first time. Drove 52 miles in a heavy fog and was nervous as
a cat on a hot tin roof when I got there. Then listened to the doc tell
me I had to get my blood pressure down! Blood sugar was pretty good,
blood pressure was high so increased my dosage on the hypertension tabs.
Got out of there and drove home in bright sunshine about 10:30 am, had
been inside the building since 7 am, yuck.

Miz Anne had opened the greenhouse window but it was still almost 90F in
there (55F outside) so opened the door all the way. The tomatoes she put
in there are bearing fruit and some ripen every few days. Not very big
but tasty none the less.

Picked a mess of broccoli for dinner tonight, will go will with carrots
cooked with dill weed and chicken with Mexican Mint Marigold (m.
lucida), mild chiles, celery, and nopalitos (preserved prickly pear
leaves). The chicken is a new dish I'm trying to see how the nopalitos
go when cooked. Hispanic veteran at the clinic today told me he cooks
chicken that way a lot.

The tomato seedlings are up and doing well but only one chile has come
up so far. Not to bad for seeds put in the starter pots on January 19th.

Tomorrow I'm going to dehydrate a half-head of cabbage and a thinly
sliced jicama. Fellow out in Oklahoma told me he does jicama that way
and they are tasty as potato chips with no starches to speak of. He puts
powdered chiles and lime juice on them. (Wipes drool off chin) The folks
who told me about the dried cabbage say it too is tasty and hard to keep
from eating too many.

Gotta go, Miz Anne just came in from the half-way house, no, she doesn't
live there, she teaches art to the kids who live separate from abusive
parents. It's a volunteer thang you know.

George, life is very good today