[gardeners] Friday In The Garden

George Shirley (gardeners@globalgarden.com)
Fri, 29 Jan 1999 08:23:29 -0600

Woke up about daylight this morning to a nice drizzling rain and
realized today was MINE, no work to do outside the homestead. Pulled on
some shorts and a tee shirt, staggered out to the greenhouse with a cup
of dark roast Community coffee in my hand and Sleepy Dawg trailing along
behind. Looks like bondoing the old screw holes in the greenhouse
worked. No rain running down the walls and it was cozily warm in there.
Ate a couple of Yellow Pear tomatoes that had ripened on the vine in a
hanging basket, pulled a stem of lemon grass and chewed on the white end
and watched it rain through the storm door. A pleasant way to wake up
and smell the roses.

It has been so warm here that, for all practical purposes, we have had
no winter. Our winters aren't normally severe anyway but this one has
been unusually warm and dry. The carrots, broccoli, etc in the winter
garden have outdone themselves with growth and the tomatoes that were
moved into the greenhouse when the first frost was announced are
producing a few fruits along.

We find ourselves getting the itch to prepare the spring garden and both
of us have resisted it. The seedlings for the garden are about all out
of the ground and putting on true leaves. I'm sitting here at the
computer and can see the seedlings out of the corner of my eye as the
light setup is in my office. Why not? I practically live in here seven
days a week and like to have the enjoyment of watching things "shoost up
to the sky." I actually planted some rosemary seeds that one of my kids
gave me and have a plant up and growing. Two or three years and it might
make a seedling. Don't know why I need more rosemary as I have two
middling large plants now and half a dozen young ones coming along from
buried limbs. Did plant a dozen Ponderosa lemon seeds to see what would
happen. Don't really need a dozen more lemon trees but have several
friends who would like them. Also have several loquat seedlings up and
growing out in the greenhouse. Would like to try a PawPaw tree but have
no place left to put one. Ones thoughts turn to an acre or two a little
bit out of town to the North. No, no, resist the thought, who wants to
start over!

Hope all are well and anticipating the arrival of spring.

George, Miz Anne, and Sleepy Dawg