Re: [gardeners] Atlas cedar

David G. Smith (
Sun, 31 Jan 1999 20:16:20 -0500

I certainly hope that spruce loss was a one-time incident!  It had been
there a few years, 11 feet tall, but it didn't resist a full-size pickup
too well.  I think its roots may be what knocked the tie rod loose, I sort
of like that idea.

The house is a ranch, with 4 or 5 steps up from ground level.  No septic
system.  The water  and sewer go through that part of the yard, we get
everything else above ground in the back.  There's a sidewalk out at the

Is that enough to go on?  Oh yes, we really like blue!


At 12:32 PM 1/31/99 -0800, you wrote:
>> Last fall a drunk driver knocked down the blue spruce.
>Sounds like we need to find something that is at least that sturdy!  ;-)
>> We were just going to get another blue spruce, but put it on the right side
>> of the yard, farther from the house than the maple.  I guess there's a 40 x
>> 40 area for it, 
>What's the top clearance, and how tall is your house?  What's underground
>at that point?  Do we have to worry about roots lifting sidewalks or
>invading septic systems, for instance?  
>Kay Lancaster   who's still not used to single story houses
>cowering under 100 ft doug firs yet.