[gardeners] Re: Monday in the Garden - really

bsk (gardeners@globalgarden.com)
Wed, 03 Feb 1999 01:34:17 -0600

Allen if you have the ability to do it, try to water well around your yard and
garden areas, even the grass. I was doing some look - ups about grasshoppers
last year for our Oklahoma herd of green hoppers. The research said that if the
moisture level is high enough in the soil that it will make the hopper eggs go
bad before they even hatch!  That is why when it is dry you get so many of the
monsters! So it looks like even though you have a mild winter if you can keep
some steady moisture in the ground it does help deter the green meanies. Now if
we just new how much moisture that is would help out!.

>The earthy smell of the plowed garden has gotten me all excited.

    Oh my! Do you think we can bottle this and use it for Valentines Day
excitement for my husband?

bsk (central Oklahoma)
zone 7a

>     I did find something today that I think will confirm my suspicions about
> the lack of cold weather equaling a bad insect season. I found a newly
> hatched grasshopper. Last year during the drought we had a plague of
> grasshoppers. I figured that unless we had some hard freezes this winter the
> large population of grasshoppers from last year would also mean a larger
> number of grasshopper eggs. No freeze equals no winter kill. Bad news. I
> don't recall seeing baby grasshoppers in Feb. in a long time.
>     I have read that ducks are good grasshopper predators. I think I'll try
> some ducks for insect control.
>     Allen
>     Bastrop Co.,Tx