Re: [gardeners] Monday in the Garden - really

George Shirley (
Wed, 03 Feb 1999 06:30:27 -0600

penny x stamm wrote:

> >>>>
>  Then I have to wait about a week before the moon signs are right
> again. Mean while I'll focus on forcing good sprouts in the eyes of
> the seed potatos. <<<<<<
> Allen, would you please educate us non-farmers...? What influence
> does the moon have on the veggies? And how does one force good
> sprouts in the eyes of the seed potatos?
> Penny, NY
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Allen: How about a short monograph on planting using the signs of the moon?
My Dad used the moon signs when planting but I never have. I vaguely
remember some of the "rules" but not all. Just write up something and post
it for the group, I'm sure Penny and I aren't the only interested ones.