Re: [gardeners] Saturday in the garden -Reply

margaret lauterbach (
Sat, 06 Feb 1999 13:47:33 -0700

At 04:25 PM 2/6/99 -0400, you wrote:
>Sorry to hear about Miz Anne George.  DH has been off sick with cold/flu.
Very unusual for him to miss work.
>Will you share with us how you're gonna check those soil temps.:-)
>Penny in Halifax, N.S. where we had freezing rain followed by an inch or 2
of snow, but it'll melt in a couple of days
Gosh, is it time for the bare-bottom garden test again?  I liked Lillian
Kepp's question whether it had to be daytime or night, "because I have to
face my neighbors."  Margaret  L