Re: [gardeners] Re: Source for brewers' hops varieties?

Jane Burdekin (
Tue, 9 Feb 1999 05:18:16 -0700

We got our hops from the brewing store.  There are ornamental varieties
that do not work for brewing so beware of those.  I think we paid $15 for 3
rhisomes.  They are growing just fine and we harvested the buds last year
and brewed up a batch of beer.  FWIW.

>    Question from a former neighbor. I don't have time even to look in the
> usual catalogs, though I'd bet they don't offer anything but the species
> if that. Which grows well enough here in northeast KS (usda z5, usually)
> make a good (if scratchy) screen as well, part of the reason why he wants
> it.
>    Anyway, my best guess is that there are only slightly fewer varieties
> these than there are of wine grapes, but I actually don't have a clue.
> one know one way or another, and if so where he can find some of the more
> refined varieties?
>    BK---
> assumes they refine his favored Old Milwaukee out of hophouse floor