[gardeners] Wednesday in the garden

George Shirley (gardeners@globalgarden.com)
Wed, 10 Feb 1999 18:43:39 -0600

The day started off warm, muggy, and overcast but finished in glory,
bright sunshine, cool winds, and good dirt to play in. I did a few hours
money work this morning and came home to see the opportunity to do a few
things that were on my list.

I did manage to cut the herb garden up into three terraces, using old
bricks we have had around forever. Some I moved from my folks place in
Texas and some we had saved since we lived in Corpus Christi, Texas in
1980. The ones from the old home place are actually fire bricks my dad
bought from the refinery where he worked. They're probably from around
the late teens, early twenties. The brick we brought from South Texas is
all Mexican brick and so marked. The exception is a few Corsicana Cheery
Reds I ran up on at a demolition site. Collectors bricks all - now small
retaining walls in the herb garden - carefully placed where they can be

Proceeded then to take 5 red clay tiles we bought for a quarter each
when a local discount store went under (about the time the Super Walmart
opened two years ago). Tried to buy about a hundred of them but someone
in the store claimed all but the five we brought home. They're now
buried upright in a staggered formation, with the tallest in the center.
Filled with potting soil they will be planted with nastursiums when it
warms up a bit more. That takes care of the southwestern corner of the
herb garden. The southeastern corner is reserved for my other rosemary
bush, the Tuscan Blue variety. Waiting for warmer weather of course.

I did yank a bridalwreath shrub out that hasn't done anything in the 11
years we've lived here. Neighbor wanted it so it was handed across the
fence. In it's place will go a 3 foot tall loquat tree I've been saving
for that exact spot. Next to it are the native elderberries, which will
make a nice complement when blooming.

Miz Anne came in about 3 pm and got busy weeding the blueberry and
raspberry patches in preparation for feeding them and then laying down
newspaper mulch that will be covered with leaf mulch, hopefully
eradicating the weeds for the summer.

We also pulled out another rotted railroad tie and replaced it with
cinder blocks, an on-going project in the main veggie garden.

Now we're all bathed, including the dog, and ready for a light supper of
broccoli and whatever else is in the fridge. Hope all are doing well and
remember that life is good.