Re: [gardeners] Uses for stuff we grew -Reply

George Shirley (
Fri, 12 Feb 1999 11:47:25 -0600

Penny Nielsen wrote:

> Hi George
> I'm curious cause you say that Jicama, thinly sliced and added to a stir fry reminds you (my words) of water chestnuts.

I was referring to the crunchiness and the fact that the jicama stayed white instead of turning brown. Cooked jicama doesn't taste sweet to me at all, it's rather bland.

> I believe it was mentioned on this list or gardens a while ago that it had a sweet taste.  I have only had the pleasure of eating water chesnuts from a can, added to a stirfry, which I did not find sweet at all.  Is there a difference between the canned water chestnuts and fresh variety?  I can't recall from what plant the water chestnuts derive.

I have no idea of the derivation of water chestnuts either but will go look them up as soon as I launch this post.

> Penny in Halifax, N.S.
> P.S. Do you hire yourself out, for cooking that is.?

My paternal grandmother owned restaurants until up in her seventies (died at 89) and I worked in them as a kid. I owned and operated a restaurant in Houston in 1986 for about six months. Learned that I did not want to cook for a living, entails getting up to early. So, don't hire myself out for cooking but if you're ever this way just holler and we'll whomp something up for you.