Re: [gardeners] alpine strawberries

William McKay (
Sat, 13 Feb 1999 01:48:47 PST

Johnnys Selected Seeds in Albion, Maine sells a variety called 
Alexandria.  They are described as a standard European variety.  My 
brother (the farmer) has a bunch of Alpines and I think he got the seeds 
from Johnnys.  They are incredibly tough.  No problem in overwintering 
outside at his farm (zone 5).  I was at his place the other day and some 
of the plants that he had left in 4" pots in the greenhouse had berries 
on them.  Great taste.

Bill M in E. Massachusetts

>  I'm excited about what you all have had to say about the alpines!  
>Yummmm....I can taste and smell them already.  The berry book that I 
>have been using as a reference says that they start excellently from 
>seed sown right into the ground,especially the Alexander variety -- 
>any of you started them from seed this way?
>  I have now found 4 sites for ordering alpine strawberry plants:  
>Burpee, Shepards Seeds, Triplebrook, and Pinetree -- but they are all 
>the Rugen Improved.  I'm surprised at the trouble I'm having in finding 
>those other varieties.  I also haven't found a site for ordering the 
>seeds yet but I'm still surfing for them.  My frost date isn't until 
>April 28th so I still have time for looking.

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