[gardeners] Delphiniums, Maple; Spring is coming!

David G. Smith (gardeners@globalgarden.com)
Sat, 20 Feb 1999 21:27:32 -0500

(My apologies to those who saw this already -- I accidentally sent it to
that other garden list with way too much traffic, where I've been nomail
for weeks.  I meant for it to go here.)

I'm cutting down the sick Japanese maple today -- starting to, anyway.  I
cut off one branch, about a quarter of the tree, and turned it into
firewood and bundles of brush.  I was surprised to see an irregular dark
area in the wood -- I've done a fair amount of woodworking with other kinds
of maple, and none of it was dark.  Maybe that's related to whatever is
ailing the tree.

I was pleased to see signs of spring.  The buds on the tree peonies I moved
last fall are swelling (except for the one I stepped on in the dark and
broke.)  Tulips are coming up, too.

My question concerns delphiniums.  Some I bought last year, and some I grew
from seeds last year, so I've never seen them this time of year before.  I
put a little mulch of leaves on them in the fall, but it's mostly blown
away.  They are putting up shoots, hurray, but the forecast calls for
temperatures as low as 10F in the next few days.  I read that they're hardy
to zone 4, and we're almost in 7, but I guess I just want some reassurance
that I don't have to go cover them.  (My wife has wanted delphiniums for
years, since before we were together, but last year was the first time any
succeeded at all.  So I'm a little anxious about them.)

Life is good here, too.

David Smith