[gardeners] Saturday in the garden (center)

George Shirley (gardeners@globalgarden.com)
Sat, 20 Feb 1999 21:23:10 -0600

Me and Miz Anne went shopping today, something we seldom do but were
bored. A chilly north wind has been blowing most of the day and even
with the sunshine it was just cold enough we didn't want to work

Our first stop was at the local Big Lots (remaindered merchandise)
store. Picked up a few odds and ends including a couple of 99 cent
potting soil sacks, a few seed packets on sale (1999 lot) for 10 cents,
and a about ten heavily discounted picture frames for some of Miz Anne's
minatures. Left there and Miz Anne treated me to a burger at the local
theme yuppie restaurant, the burger was good and we ran into some
younger (much) friends of ours. The wife of the pair is one of my peers
in the safety profession and we talked shop for a bit. Their six year
old daughter read me the menu after I professed to having vision
problems today. Actually just wanted to hear her read as it pleases her
so much.

On to Lowe's to check out fertilizers (needed some 10-10-10 for the
raspberries but had to settle for 8-8-8) and ended up getting some stuff
to work on the house. If a house owns you you have to keep it up, that's
the rule. After Lowe's, who didn't have the floor tile we wanted, we
went to Home Depot, next door. Picked up a few small plants for a
planter we're making for my big sister's birthday, all succulents. Also
got some hanging baskets for 98 cents each out of the discount bin. I
drooled over the apple and peach trees at both places but neither had
dwarves and we don't have room for standards. Got to much stuff planted
here anyway.

On the way home we stopped to visit some friends, both in their
mid-seventies, and they were out working in the yard. John had just
bought an Ein Shemer apple tree and planted it in his backyard (barren
of trees mostly) and Berneice was transplanting flowers from one of her
flower beds. Had a nice visit and then home to a pup dog who was jumping
for joy to see her people again. Wandered about in the yard for a bit
but had to come in when a rain cloud passed by.

A nice dinner of leftover seafood gumbo was had by all and then the long
slow let-down to bedtime started. Getting close now but we did decide to
plant the spring garden tomorrow after mass. Probably gonna dream about
sticking those plants and seeds in the ground now. Good night to all.