[gardeners] Re: What's in the Basement?

bsk (gardeners@globalgarden.com)
Wed, 24 Feb 1999 09:37:59 -0600

Yes Gaye mice do such things!
I have mice get into my weed room all the time and think any seeds and bulbs
are there for them to find. It's like a easter egg hunt. No matter what they
will find it! They love the little water   ponds I leave them also when I
water the plants from the bottom.
    I don't like poisons for varmints. Not only do you have to worry about
your pets and little kids finding it the rodent will crawl off die in a wall
somewhere and remind you of it the first warm spell!
    I don't like the traditional mouse trap because they seem so nasty with
mouse excrement. I like the glue traps! You still don't want your kids or
pets to get stuck with one. Although I do admit it looks pretty funny seeing
your dog walk across the floor with miniature snow shows on! LOL. You just
take the trap and toss the darn thing in the trash outside and your done
with it. Now some people have a difficult time and feel sorry for the
varmints when they see them struggle to get loose or hear them make squeaky
noises. NOT ME!!! They don't feel sorry for me when I have to smell their
ratty smell or clean up all the mouse dumps in a nest you find somewhere!
They are nasty and can be a health hazard. Get rid of them as many as you
can with as little contact as possible! Glue taps fit that bill for me.

good luck,
Gaye Stanton wrote:

>   I noticed that the soil had a hole dug in it, I filled it
> up & the hole would be back the next time I was in the basement.  I left
> it & now something is chewing on a large root in the pot.  Do rats or
> mice chew roots?    It is time to get the D-Con out
> or is it something else.
>  Gaye
> E TN z6