Re: [gardeners] potato prices

George Shirley (
Wed, 24 Feb 1999 10:23:57 -0600

margaret lauterbach wrote:

> What are potato prices like in your supermarkets?  Tell your supermarket
> managers that you're angry over their inflated prices.  I'd bet my life
> they are.  What has happened is that it cost potato farmers $5 per 100
> pounds to grow potatoes, and they're now being paid between $2.50 and $3
> per hundredweight.  Obviously they can't "make it up" in bulk sales, and
> they can't afford to keep at this very long.  One of our supermarkets sold
> baking potatoes last week for 10 cents a pound.  That's $10 per
> hundredweight, so someone in between is making a very good profit.  I don't
> mind fair profits, but the farmers ought to have fair profits too.
> Margaret L

Idaho baking potatoes are 79 cents per pound down here. Might be the added
transportation costs.