Re: [gardeners] Tuesday in the garden

margaret lauterbach (
Wed, 24 Feb 1999 10:49:09 -0700

>> >
>> As I recall, George, that Ein Shemer apple tree is standard size.  Most
>> standard size apple trees don't bear until they're 5 to 10 years old.  Of
>> course I'm not familiar with that variety.  I can't even find Shemer in my
>> German dictionary.  Best, Margaret
>It's an Israeli developed tree for warm climates and, reputably, bears in the
>second year after transplant. I believe Ein Shemer is a kibbutz but I'm not
>sure. I know a net search on "Ein Shemer" shows up lots of archaeological
>sites in Israel and just a few on the apple. They sell a lot of them down
>and they are, as you say, a standard tree. I would love to have one but
want a
>dwarf. Reckon I'll end up with either a Granny Smith or a Dorsett Golden in
>the dwarf size. That's the bad thing about small lots - small fruit trees.
At least you don't have to climb a ladder to pick the fruit, or hold an 8'
pole with a basket on the end to pick one by one.  Margaret