Re: [gardeners] winter weather

margaret lauterbach (
Wed, 24 Feb 1999 09:53:01 -0700

At 02:20 AM 2/24/99 -0500, you wrote:
>Margaret, it's mean cold and windy -- we missed last week's
>nor'easter because it snowed over the ocean instead! Right now
>we are told that it is snowing over our heads, but with the humidity
>at 45%, all the snow is evaporating. Another big storm due on
>Friday night, but that also may miss us. 
>The only person who is truly sorry is my hubby -- he lives to
>Penny, NY

If it's any consolation, Penny, warmer weather is on its way.  Our
nighttime temps have edged up from the low 20s to the high 30s over the
past couple of weeks, and this week we're predicted to have daytime temps
in the 50s.  But still more rain, and since our snowpack is 25% greater
than normal (deeper and wetter), officials are fearing floods.  They're
already releasing a lot of water from our nearby reservoirs.  If this
weather can work its way across the country without deviation, you should
have a comfortable spring.  Tell Jimmy he's welcome to spade up the yard.
;-))))  Margaret