Re: [gardeners] winter weather

penny x stamm (
Thu, 25 Feb 1999 00:55:46 -0500

Margaret, we had one lovely snowfall this winter -- which was
not what was predicted for the La Nina year. I probably told you
that Jimmie bolted up out of bed, and flew out the door to get the 
whole 130 ft long driveway shoveled before the sun could melt it....
Now THAT's what I call addiction! 

Did any of you get outside in time on Tuesday night to see the
convergence of Venus & Jupiter immediately after sunset...? Those
two planets are the brightest objects in the sky after the moon and
sun, and when they approach a virtual point from our point of view,
they shine as one. Absolutely NO binocs or telescopes required! 
Astronomers believe that this did happen in the year 2 b.c., and
obviously, that would be the Star of Bethlehem....  That fact
boggles the mind...  It won't happen again until 2016 -- you
young'uns can e-mail me either way up or down below, who knows,
and tell me how exciting it was.

Penny, NY

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