Re: [gardeners]Eliot Coleman

William McKay (
Thu, 25 Feb 1999 01:17:36 PST

Do not know him personally, but if his latest book is an indicator, he 
is alive in well in Maine.  He is into growing over the winter in 
unheated greenhouses in a big way.  Latest book (Manual for Winter 
Harvest, self published) is quite good.  Although it is geared toward 
commercial growers (exhorting them to develop this market), it is useful 
for the average gardener.   Really worth a look by anyone in zone 6 or 
below who is interested in growing greens over the long winter;  I got 
going late this year with a small cold house, but following his 
techniques, managed to keep lettuce, some arugula, coriander and a few 
other things alive this past winter.  I have visions of a winter without 
store bought lettuce.

Bill McKay in E. Mass 

In a message dated 2/23/99 7:57:50 PM, writes:
>Or maybe you would enjoy Eliot Coleman's book on 4 season gardening
>so that you eat nearly everything fresh.
> >>
>I enjoyed his program Gardening Naturally. Does anyone know why it is 
not on
>anymore and what he is up to?
>Kris P

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