[gardeners] Re:What's in the Basement?

bsk (gardeners@globalgarden.com)
Thu, 25 Feb 1999 08:25:26 -0600

  Sounds fine as long as your dog is not like my favorite Pit Kid!
Out of all 5 Pit Kids I have one, Sassy, that will slurp up any dead mouse she
finds in about two seconds! Next thing you see is her walking off licking her
lips commenting on the good PROTEIN!
      That is why we don't put out poison here on the farm. If they were to
die somewhere the dogs could really get to them it wouldn't be to good for the
dogs either. Not only that when we are dealing with places like barns where
everything is so open those mice crawl off and the wildlife might indulge in a
meal  of poisoned mouse. I am glad it's not me dealing with the traps, that's
hubby's job.

Gaye Stanton wrote:

> Thank you to all who had answers to my question. My husband is bringing
> d-con home
> tonight.  My dog is a
> boxer & because of her size cannot get in small places.  But I put the
> poison up on a dirt bank where nothing but those nasty little rodents
> can get to it.
> Gaye
> E TN z6