Re: [gardeners] Re:What's in the Basement?

Gaye Stanton (
Thu, 25 Feb 1999 11:03:40 -0500

You don't know my very spoiled dog.  She is a house dog, never allowed
to run loose as we live right in the middle of town.  Don't want her run
over by a car.  I have used D-con before & never had a problem w/the
smell.  They must go back outside.  I thought this poison caused them to
kind of dry up instead of rot.  I could never use that humane trap that
uses the glue to trap them.  I love animals but I want these mice (gay
or not) [VBG] dead.  I don't want to see them though.  I am very careful
w/my dog. I would never put her in jeopardy.  She'll be okay.
I'll keep you posted on what happens.  


bsk wrote:
>  Next thing you see is her walking off licking her
> lips commenting on the good PROTEIN!