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> <<is 69.9 cents per gallon at the cut rate stations and as much as 85.9 at the
> major brands. Generally you can get gasoline for between 74.9 and 78.9 about
> anywhere. >>
> WHAT???????????  I pay $1.59 or more per gallon for gasoline.  I knew we were
> getting screwed.  But of course Tosco keps having those fores about 15 minutes
> from us!
> Mary-Anne

Once again, it's transportation costs and demand. A large part of the price of
gasoline in California is taxes, state, city, etc. The federal tax hasn't changed
much in a few years but, IIRC, California has steadily increased gasoline taxes
and has also put many restrictions on emissions, both at the pump and at the
vehicle. If you want clean air and water you're going to have to pay more for it.

I live 3 miles from a major refinery and there's another only 6 miles away but we
pay about 5 cents a gallon more for gasoline than the folks who live in central
Louisiana where there are no refineries. We also have I10 running through the
middle of town and 4 casino boats on the lake. Demand, demand, demand.

Try living in Europe or Blighty, gasoline is much more expensive there.