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Penny Nielsen (
Fri, 26 Feb 1999 08:13:28 -0400

They have shown how they do this on their gardening show.  This method raises their zone about 3 or 4 zones, I believe.   Wish they would make some more shows.   I sure miss them. 

This talk of gardening shows reminds me too that since we stopped receiving HGTV I believe some of the gardening shows that I used to catch on LIFE have moved over to HGTV.  

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>>> "Jill Fyffe" <> 02/25/99 04:31PM >>>
The Feb 1998 issue of the american magazine Horticulture has an article  
called "Salads in the Snow" by his other half Barbara Damrosch.  
Explains how they have unheated greenhouses over their cold 


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> Do not know him personally, but if his latest book is an indicator, he 
> is alive in well in Maine.  He is into growing over the winter in 
> unheated greenhouses in a big way. 
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