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George is right, transportation costs can make a big difference.  Right now lettuce costs us anywhere from $1.39 to $1.69, depending on type.  Have to go to Costco/Price Club tomorrow and will check out their prices.  I usually buy a bag of 6 romaine hearts for about $5.00 + I think.  They keep changing the number in the bag so the price changes.  I just know that it is cheaper in the long run to buy them at Costco and I like it that they are the hearts so no wastage.  I will often buy large bags of peppers, etc. too and go stirfry crazy for a week or so.  DH has finally started to enjoy crunchy veggies, especially in stirfries.

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Depends very much on the type of potato.  DH likes Yukon Gold and because last
year's harvest was way down, I had to pay $2.99 for a 5 lb bag.  I usually pay
that for a 10 lb bag.  Last time I bought a 50 lb. bag of regular taters it
cost be about $5 or $6. >>

Okay, no complaining I pay $.89 a pound of Yukons!  10# of just Idaho potatoes
this time of year are only $1.99.

Think something is wrong?  Lettuce is only $ .50 for butter, red leaf, etc.

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