Re: [gardeners] Nice day

George Shirley (
Mon, 01 Mar 1999 10:09:36 -0600

David G Smith wrote:

> We've got a bay tree (18" tall) in the ground here in 6B.  It made it
> through one winter just fine, this will be it's second, if it makes it.  It
> is right up against the south-east corner of the house, and somewhat
> sheltered by a fence, too.  I would think they'd have no trouble where you
> are.
> David

They grow wild in the swamps around here, at least I believe that's what they
are. The locals call them "bay galls", that's a hummock in the swamp or marsh
with a small forest of bay trees growing there. Some Cajun friends of mine
harvest the leaves and sell them to a processor in Lafayette and claim they are
good for culinary purposes. I will say they look, smell, and taste the same to
me. I'm just being over-protective of my young bay tree. ;-)

George, taking the day off to play outside