Re: [gardeners] keeping watermelon

margaret lauterbach (
Wed, 03 Mar 1999 10:52:01 -0700

At 12:22 PM 3/3/99 -0500, you wrote:
>FWIW Seed Savers Exchange have a couple of watermelons that might fit the
>bill. One is a Hopi Yellow Meated that reportedly keeps up to 8 months,
>however, it has black seeds. Another is called Winter keeper which evidently
>keeps thru to  February. They talk about burying the melons in the grain
>bins. Seed color not specified but seed came from a Hutterite colony in SD.
>There was some interesting info in the book called "Heirloom Vegetable
>Gardening" which traces the intro and evolution of watermelons in America.
>It also had a recipe on making Georgia watermelon vinegar.
>Friends are the flowers in the Garden of LIfe
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I noticed those in SSE Yearbook, and just sent a query to Native
Seeds/SEARCH to see if the yellow meated Hopi (with orange flesh) in their
seed catalog might be the same one in SSE.  Also asked if their Navajo
winter watermelon was the keeper I recalled reading about.  

So you have William Woys Weaver's Heirloom Vegetable Gardening too.  I find
it very interesting, but too heavy for bedtime reading so I'm wading slowly
through the book.  I don't have much time for reading.  In fact I've got to
break the addiction of email lists this week because I have two deadlines
coming up this week.  Pant, pant.  And I've got to place SSE orders,
germinate more tomatoes and peppers, onions, etc., and get tax stuff pulled
together.  Sheesh!  Thanks for your help.  Best, Margaret