Re: [gardeners] Thursday - in the garden for a bit

George Shirley (
Fri, 05 Mar 1999 07:46:52 -0600

Jane Burdekin wrote:

> Hi George,
> Sorry about your spinach.  I have to go out and check on mine since we had
> s**w last night.  I have one  daffodil in bloom and about 5 just about to
> break open. Wonder what it will do to them.  We also have a prediction of
> 26F tonight.  This is not a good thing with little leaves popping out on
> the lilac, honey suckle, and forsythia and all the bulbs popping up.  Crazy
> weather, it's been way too warm here for the winter.  Are we still blaming
> La Nina???
> Jane

I am, La Nina, is really messing up my spring. Hasn't been above 65F this week
and nights have been as low as 39F. That's to cold for a SW Louisiana spring.