[gardeners] Saturday in the garden

George Shirley (gardeners@globalgarden.com)
Sat, 06 Mar 1999 18:27:28 -0600

Purchased and planted a peach tree today. Wally world had some good
looking ones on for 13 bucks and tax. Miz Anne wanted one so guess what,
we got one. It's a white fleshed peach, variety is FloraGold and only
requires 150 chilling hours (hours below 45F).

Had to put timbers down on the leading edge of the garden strip along
the west fence line. The 1.5 inches of rain we got in 30 minutes the
other night washed most of it out. Put the timbers down and then
shoveled all the amended soil back in where it belonged. Also put a few
timbers along the inside to break it up into terraces. Luckily I had
enough old treated timbers and a few redwood 4X4's to do the job. Mostly
stuff I scrounged out of the neighbors trash over the years. <VBG> It's
amazing how much good stuff gets tossed by my affluent neighbors and
picked up by us not quite as affluent folk.

Put about half the brick down around the outside of the herb garden too.
That gets old quick for me, crawling about on my arthritic knees, and
pushing the old wheelbarrow full of bricks. Gotta get me one of those
good garden carts - one of these days someone will throw one out where I
can see it. ;-)

Miz Anne is out mowing in the dark, came in and turned on the outside
floods so she could see to finish up. Reckon I'll have to run the weed
eater tomorrow and do the trim work. She's been off to a bridal shower
for the soon-to-be bride of one of my twin great-nephews for most of the
afternoon and was busy all morning at the church. We tend to stay pretty
busy around here, always something going on. I'm sure glad
semi-retirement is so easy.