[gardeners] Wheel barrows & carts

bsk (gardeners@globalgarden.com)
Sun, 07 Mar 1999 10:43:30 -0600

We have a contractors wheel barrow that we use around here that is very deep and
has a plastic bin. This is the nicest one we have ever had. No rusting to worry
about. The Big thick wheel in front stays up well. We mainly use it to heap up
wood and bring it into the garage in the winter. I haven't had much garden use
for it yet because of last years disaster. Usually around the ranch we just back
up the old R.T. to whatever and load'er up!  I have trees to trim we either park
under it or right next to it. We need rocks we go out in the field and chunk them
in! Need wood, haul off into the pasture cut and toss the wood in.
      I guess after reading this and thinking about it our very best wheel barrow
is the 1978 old Black F150 Ford.  I don't have to balance on one wheel since
there are four. The only muscles I strain are the ones to load and unload the
thing. It goes most anywhere so far. But it does rust that's one draw back.

margaret lauterbach wrote:

>  One of my best and most used
> carts is the one made out of recycled plastic, with a deep bin. Practically
> indestructible.a pseudo-contractor's wheelbarrow, the deep plastic one and the
> bicycle wheel job.  Still like the plastic one best.  Margaret
> >