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Now isn't that strange. We have one of the plantation carts made by an
outfit in Vermont. We think it's the greatest since sliced bread. :-) I put
huge loads in it and wheel it about quite easily. Sample loads would be half
a face cord of wood for the greenhouse, 6-8 sacks of potatoes, corn,
carrots, My chipper /shredder, mounds of garden debris. It is so easy to use
that we had a 5 year old pulling her 7 year sister around in it. We wonder
what we would do without it now.
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Date: Sunday, March 07, 1999 11:04 AM
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>>I've been looking at the high wheel (looks like bike wheels but stronger)
>>or 2 cubic yard carts. Friend has one, I forget the name, and it rolls
>>easily with a good sized load and you can pull the front closure and dump
>>the load readily. Several of the garden supply catalogs carry them and a
>>of the places like Home Depot and Lowe's carry them. I have seen several
>>the Northern catalog and, the next time I get the catalog, may order one.
>>Our old wheelbarrow is about 30 years old, with a solid front wheel and is
>>real pain to push around. Just hate to throw anything out so may try to
>>rework the old one for light duty use.
>I have one of those, Penny and George, and it's not as useful as it may
>seem.  Cost over $100, but it really doesn't haul heavy stuff well (it's a
>bitch to use when it has cinder blocks or soil in it), and it will not go
>through either of my gates to the front yard.  It hauls leaves, and apart
>from that, what we use it for is to hold corn stalks, pending grinding up
>(theoretically).Every spring the tires are flat, as they are on my cheapest
>wheelbarrow, so I have to hand-pump them up.  One of my best and most used
>carts is the one made out of recycled plastic, with a deep bin.  Wally's
>World, Home Depot, or Home Base or any other chain store should have them
>for $40 or less.  Practically indestructible.  Only flaw is that there
>should be a handle on the bottom, because when you dump it out over the
>front, the only way to completely empty the bin is to grab the bottom to
>tip it completely over.  You don't get much of a grip that way, either.  If
>I have anything really heavy to haul, I usually use a shallow wheelbarrow I
>bought used for $10.  I have two shallow (rehabilitated one by buying a new
>wheel that actually turns, unlike the old one) wheelbarrows, a
>pseudo-contractor's wheelbarrow, the deep plastic one and the bicycle wheel
>job.  Still like the plastic one best.  Margaret